No matter the size of your home there will be 1 or 2 spots or rooms where you spend 75% of your time. Which spaces are you thinking about? For most, the first place you’ll think of is the bedroom! A space we all end up in at the end of the day. Does your bedroom give off aesthetically pleasing vibes? Another few spaces you may spend quite a bit of time would be: The kitchen and the Living Room / TV Room. Let’s review some cheap ways to make your favorite room something to be proud of.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is by far the most important room in the house. What can you do to make it pop? I’ve toured plenty of well kept and poor kept houses. For me the three biggest things are: Clothing Hooks, Mood Lighting & Full-length mirror. These are three absolute necessities. Clothing hooks are incredibly important as Everyone wears pants more than once between washes. What do you do when you’re between wears but not ready for a wash yet? Everyone should have at least one set of hooks for additional semi worn clothing. This is the easiest way to unintentionally make yourself neater!

Mood lighting. You want your bedroom to be a place to decompress. The best way to do that is to create different light strength options. You can do this with smart light bulbs, string lighting, installing a dimmer or an aesthetically pleasing reading lamp. Personally I have a dimmer and a really nice reading lamp. After about 10 PM my bedroom is giving off a calming low light glow! This is a good site for reading lamps.

Full-Length Mirror. A full-length mirror is good for a few reasons. It can fill dead space & it brightens up the room. It’s also a good addition for the simple fact that it has a utility. Every morning you’ll be getting ready for the day, having a full-sized mirror is an easy way to make that process a bit more fun!

The Kitchen

Your kitchen can be an incredibly fun space. If managed properly, your kitchen can become a great place to host guests. Creating a guest friendly kitchen is a challenge. Here are a few cheap, host worthy kitchen improvements: A new backsplash, New Cabinet handles, a new Sink Tap and a Portable Island Addition.

A new backsplash is cheaper than you would think. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of backsplash you want it can be as little as $500 or as expensive as $2000. I highly recommend a tile backsplash. The reason behind this is that they’re easy to clean and they last a long time! Take a look at these aesthetically pleasing tile backsplash options.

New cabinet handles and a new sink tap. Sink basins and cabinets can last a long time. However, the sink tap and the cabinet handles will date these aspects of your kitchen. Replacing your kitchen sink tap with a nice 150 – $250 tap will really change the entire atmosphere around your kitchen sink. The same goes for your handles. If you have nice older wood cabinets, clean them thoroughly and replace the handles. For around 100 – $400 you’ll notice a massive difference in the look and feel of your kitchen.

A portable island for you kitchen can really change the space. In my house I have a thick wooden island with stainless steel legs. It’s incredibly sturdy and most people think it’s built in. I’ve got 2 bar stools that fit perfectly. When I host get togethers my kitchen often becomes the centre of the party! You can find both portable island kitchen furniture & new sink taps at Home Depot here in Edmonton!

The Living Room

The Living Room, in my opinion, is the easiest of the 3 to spruce up with a few tiny improvements. My recommendations would be a new floor, a Wall Mount for your TV a bookshelf and wire maintenance. A new Vinyl Plank or carpet for one room or area of your house is not that expensive. Between $800 – $2000 or about $6 a square foot (link). No matter what you have going on in your Living Room a new floor will make everything else look nicer.

Secondly, let’s talk about mounting your TV. This might not work for every space but if you have a TV in your living room mount it! A good wall mount is between $100 – 400 depending on the size of your TV. Check out these top 10 best wall mounts. This will make the space feel significantly bigger. In the same vein, wire maintenance is everything. Go to home depot and buy wire covers. If you can build a space where there are no noticeable wires connecting your Apple TV, TV, lamps and gaming devices it will make a huge difference. Wire maintenance will have more of an impact than you can imagine! Lastly, a bookshelf or additional piece of furniture that can show off Knick Knacks / books, where you can store your blankets or board games.

These are all additions that will allow you to enjoy your house to its fullest extent. If you are thinking of selling your house, dimming lights in the bedrooms are a nice touch along with the wall mount. With that being said the best improvements I mentioned from a sale perspective would definitely be the new floors and improvements to the kitchen. If you can update your cabinets and improve your kitchens backsplash those improvements will go a long way in helping you increase your sale price! If you have anymore questions about selling your house in Edmonton please reach out! 780-902-1856