How do you order a Real Property Report (RPR) in Edmonton? Check out this article If you are not sure what an RPR is. If you lost your RPR or don’t have a ‘current’ RPR this is the right place!

A Compliant and Current Real Property Report is often a required document when selling your house. The only instance when it may not be requested is when the house is being sold as a ‘tear down’(LINK). Below are the two steps to getting a new Real Property Report in Edmonton.

Step 1: Order an RPR report from a Surveying Company

Here’s a list of Survey companies in Edmonton that will do a residential Real Property Report.

All you need to do is call one of these companies and ask for a residential Real Property Report. This should take 1.5 Weeks and cost about $550 (price from June 2019). Most surveyor companies will do ‘rush jobs’ as well, if you need it sooner. If you can remember the surveyor that was used on the previous RPR they could still have the report in their records. You may be able to get a copy of that for cheap! With that being said – an RPR needs to be both Compliant and Current, if you’re just buying an old copy you should make sure it’s Current (LINK).

Step 2: Get Your RPR Stamped by The City as Compliant

Once you have the actual document from the Surveyor, you’ll need confirmation from the city that the structures on the property are within the property line and compliant with your neighborhoods current zoning guidelines. This costs $133.00 or $266.00 if you need a rush job (prices from June 2019). Here is a link to the City of Edmonton’s compliance web page. A normal order should take between 5 to 8 business days. The city will ask you to fill out a form you can find on their website and pay upfront.

In Edmonton, without any rush charges the cost should be approximately $700. The entire process should also taken about 3 weeks. If you need to get a RPR in the summer months I would suggest budgeting 4 weeks as both the surveyors and City of Edmonton will be very busy.

I hope this helps with your Surveyor Needs! If you’d like to talk to me in person about selling your house in Edmonton call me 780-902-1856
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