Low Cost Listing Service – Payless For Simple REALTOR® Services

The Low Cost Listing Service saves Home Sellers an average of $3,000 in REALTOR® commissions. Real Estate Agents range in how hands on or off they are in their listing process. I define all my levels of involvement in the sale process as a listing agent. This is my most HANDS OFF Real Estate Sale Option. If you want more involvement take a look at these home sale options.

I’ll come to your house, we’ll determine a sales price, I’ll take the pictures then post a 25-30 picture listing on MLS® with a full write up. Once listed, I’ll coordinate REALTOR® showings and you work the open houses.

When we get an offer, I provide full REALTOR® services to help close the deal. Low Cost Listing Service strips the frills from the sale process in doing so we offer listing services for a flat rate. If you’re trying to sell a condo townhome or Single Family Home contact me! Rates will vary depending on work load. 

Will I Owe You Money If We Don't Sell?

NO! I am only paid for my REALTOR® services if I succeed in selling your house. This is why I only offer this service if we determine the price of your home together. That mean’s we’ll spend time valuing your property fairly in comparison to what similar properties in your neighborhood have recently sold for!

Who Usually Uses This Service?

Developers or Home Renovators with a product that needs to be sold at market price within a set time period – these sellers will appreciate the simplicity and reduced fees! If you need to sell your home relatively fast and you do not want to deal with the hassle of additional marketing, open houses and stress of trying to get top dollar for your home – you may also appreciate this service. 

The Home Sale Process

House Tour

Serious sellers seriously understand their property. Let’s meet at your house and decide on a how best to pitch the property! Along with that we need to determine: whether you are right for this level of service, the sale price you want to advertise your proeprty at and a list of milestones / timelines to see if we’re on track to reach your sale price or timeline. 

List on MLS®

To list a property on MLS®  there are several steps. Including plenty of paper work, measurements, pictures and listing signage. After our initial meeting, we’ll set a date to meet again and the property will be listing on MLS®  within 24 hours! With the DIY Home Services Listing I will use my Fuji Film X-t10 to take and edit a full set of 30 – 45 pictures. The property will be listed with a full write up and pictures!


In Edmonton it takes on average between 45 – 90 days to sell depending on the type of property and it’s location. This can also be affected by the owners willingness to work within market conditions and ability to handle showings. With the DIY Sales offering, I will help set up showings but it is up to you to handle open houses! I set up the date and time and you handle the guests! 

The Sale

The property has been successfully marketed and we have an offer! Throughout this process my services are the exact same as a normal Realtor. I will help you negotiate the deal, provide advice and market statistics and we’ll work together to get the price YOU want. After the fact I will handle all the closing paperwork and coordination. 

Satisfied Clients!

Single Family Home SOLD In Beverly Heights!

I believe one of the 1st things I said to Logan Patterson was “no other realtor has been this close to me in 13 years” needless to say, my last buy/sell experience was not a pleasant one. Logan’s demeanor and personal is perfect fit for me, who is strong willed and extremely independent. So, handing over the reins to my destiny to someone is not an easy thing to do. But Logan is a great listener and I always felt what I had to say had value and was heard. I don’t think anyone else could have sold this house. I am truly pleased with the outcome and I know Logan battled it out to ensure top dollar and my wishes were respected. Thank you so much Logan and although I have no intentions on getting back into the market, I will be Referring you to any and everyone of my friends and associates. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. Rachelle, Tatum Van Adestine & Paulette Anctil

Sold In West Jasper Place! Upgraded this growing family to Lymburn!

Logan had been great helping my parents and I market their property and find a new home. He was great with negotiations with the owner of the home we did purchase and gave really good advice on where to start. He also is not forceful trying to convince us to settle for low numbers on our current property as he knows where our bottom line should be.

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Do You Have Information About The Low Cost Listing Service?

Get in touch! Whether you’re serious about selling or just looking for information we will always get back to you within 24 hours!