Full REALTOR® Listing Service

Open houses. They’re inefficient and often times useless. Some REALTORS® will be happy to agree if you don’t want to do open houses, mainly because open houses require a large time commitment with a low success rate. I offer regular open house opportunities to my clients because I am committed to putting my best foot forward in selling your house. I’ll pursue every avenue to selling your house in a timely manner and when done properly, open houses can lead to a higher success rate.

Successful open houses are the result of several things – some we can control others we can’t. What I offer at this level of service is unpaid social media open house promotions, significant signage on main roads during the actual event and my presence at all open houses! If all these steps are followed a seemingly outdated marketing tactic can turn into something really special.

I’ve had plenty of success with open houses throughout the years – listing agents will agree it’s impossible to tell where a potential home buyer will come from. As a Full Listing Services Agent it my obligation to pursue every avenue in the search for potential buyers!

DDF Integrated listing is a simple one. All Edmonton Realestate agents use MLS® however not all realtors have DDF integrated listings. To be DDF integrated means that your Listing Agent’s listings will show up on MLS® partnered websites. This includes website like Kijiji, Point2Homes, TD Bank and The Globe and Mail. 

I offer the highest organic exposure possible for your listing on MLS. Take a look at the rest of my offerings to see how we increase that exposure and make the best of it!

Social Media Marketing. Seller agents throughout Edmonton will discuss social media marketing but what is the organic reach of social media marketing? In my opinion much of the oganic social media marketing is just an echo chamber. Realestate agents may have a large social following but most of those followers are just other Realtors or Mortgage Brokers.

Unlike most social media offerings under the Full Listing Agent Service I provide directly targeted paid advertising on social media. I will consistenty spend money directing people to your listing on my website. This will both increase the total reach of your listing and increase our chance of selling your house without a buyers agent. A great way to save money on fees!

Professional listing photo’s are an easy way to differentiate your listing. With the Full Listing Agent Services offering we will list your house with a full set of 35+ listing photos. Most seller realtors offer this to their clients – unlike many of our offerings it is not that abnormal.

Unlike many Sellers Realtors we’ll ensure at least some of these professional photo’s end up on our Instagram and or LinkedIn – each of which have their own market depending on whether you’re selling an investment property or beautiful turnkey home. 

Virtual Tour and Site Plans. We’ll ensure you get a professionally developed virtual tour and site plan. These are great assets to have on your listing as it will help people get an idea of exactly how the house is laid out. A must have for most houses especially if improvements may be needed. 

Unlike most Seller Realtors or Realestate brokerages we’ll ensure these aspects of the property end up on our website. We’ll also attach a trackable link from the listing to the website. As a result I’ll be able to track how many people view your site plans and virtual tour. Pretty cool right? I’ll be able to tell you exactly how many people looked at your virtual tour – providing a pretty good indicator of serious interest in your listing. 


Full Service Listing Steps

Marketing Material Production & Listing Upload


Sellers agents know a lot about first impressions. When and how your listing hits the market is the most important first impression in the real estate listing process. When a property is uploaded onto MLS® the system automatically sends an email to everyone who has signed up for emails that match your listings description.

Step 1 is getting the listing documents signed, determining a price, coordinating real estate listing pictures and setting up an open house date!

Then the listing should be uploaded with a full set of pictures, the virtual tour and a open house date already set up!

Maintain Activity on Your Homes Listing


We can’t let your listing activity die! Once we’re on the market we need to do 3 things continuously. Firstly, we need monitor the activity and feedback from Real Estate Agents.

What do they like about the property, what could be improved? Is it a pricing issue or a house set up issue? Secondly, we need to continuously spend money on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram marketing (whichever is better for this specific property) – this will keep people looking at the property.

Lastly, let’s continuously host open houses. Unless the open houses are not working at all, they are a good way to keep the conversation around the house alive and well. If we’re being responsive to people’s opinion on the price and keeping eyes on the property to the best of our ability, there shouldn’t be anything stopping us from selling! 

Selling Your Home!


The Sale process is the Listing agent’s best and worst friend. First we’ll receive an offer and then go back and forth with the Buyers Agent or Unrepresented buyer on price and other conditions. Unlike some Sellers Agents I do not double end Real Estate Commissions.

If we get an unrepresented buyer I will manage the entire deal for full seller side commissions or half off full realtor commissions.

Once we’ve agreed on a price I will help with the entire sale process from start to finish including key release. For more on this complicated process we let’s talk in person!

Satisfied Clients!

West Jasper Place 75’x150′ Lot & House SOLD!

Logan was very honest with us from the beginning, we knew what we were up against in the selling of our property and very helpful buying our new home. He is very personable and we enjoyed looking at new homes with him…we had a lot of laughs. I think other homeowners would be very happy to work with Logan. He did a great job and we would definitely work with him again if the need arises.

St Albert Bungalow, Sold in 20 Days!

Logan went above and beyond to help us with our house. He laid out what he thought would happen and was very clear in describing our property compared to others. He maintained constant communication and was very respectful and open to our concerns. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!

Your Listing Exposure

And many more sites!


Do You Have Information About The DIY Sale Solution Program?

Get in touch! Whether you’re serious about selling or just looking for information we will always get back to you within 24 hours!

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