A Real Property Report (RPR) is a land surveyors report with a compliance letter from your your municipality. In this instance we will just be talking about Real Property Reports in Edmonton Alberta – as the rules may change from municipality to municipality. The production of an RPR consists of two steps. First a Surveying company creates the actual document. Follow this link to see what a Real Property Report looks like. Second, the municipality reviews the survey and stamps the RPR as either Compliant or Non-Compliant. An RPR is Compliant or Non-Compliant based on whether the structures on your property sit within the property lines and complies with the current land use zoning. If you want to know how to go about ordering one, I’ll be writing another article shortly! For now you can just give me a call or text 780-902-1856

Why Do I Need a Real Property Report?

As a homeowner a Real Property Report is incredibly important yet also irrelevant in your day to day life, which makes it an easy document to lose! An RPR will have your property line measurements as well as the measurements of every immovable structure on the property. New home buyers will want to see that the municipality has confirmed every structure on your property complies. Since new homeowners will ask to see a Current RPR before purchasing, it is a costly document to lose! At the time of writing this article (2019) RPR’s in Edmonton cost around $535 – this number is based off Hagen Survey’s.

Is my Real Property Report ‘Current’?

In Edmonton Realtor’s use the term ‘Current RPR’ this means it is an RPR that has a record of every immovable object on the property that is currently there. This could mean, fences, Immovable sheds or gazebos, driveways, garages and the house itself. Whether the RPR was done in 1950 or this year, it is ‘current’ If every immovable object currently on the property is drawn and named on the report. If there is an item on the RPR that was there but no longer exists this can still be considered current as well. The only thing that truly makes an RPR not current is a new immovable addition to the property.

If you have a Current and Compliant Real Property Report, you should be able to sell your house without any trouble or upfront investment in new measurements! If you’re still confused contact us, let me answer your questions about the RPR process as it can be incredibly confusing.

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