Does staging your house really work? I often get asked this question and my answer is always different. I think a better question is ‘When should I stage my house?’.

From a Real Estate Agents perspective, the only time staging a house works in helping you sell your home for more is if it’s a newly built home or newly renovated house. In all other instance I think although there may be some benefit, the overall benefit is not worth the cost and time to stage a house.

Why Staging a Newly Finished Reno Project or Development is Necessary

I suspect the reason staging new homes or reno’s has a lot to do with peoples differing states of mind while buying a home. When I work with buyers looking at new homes it feels a lot more like a lifestyle purchase rather than a practical acquisition. In these instances, staging a home could be that inspiration that inspires these types of buyers to pull the trigger. With older more standardized homes there’s definitely more focus on price & location.

Why You Shouldn’t Stage Your House

If you’re living in a 900 – 1200 SF bungalow most people looking at your house to purchase will have likely been in plenty of houses with a similar layout. Everyone will have a decent idea of what could fit in each room. Although ideas may differ – everyone will have an idea of how they’d set up the space. Seeing your furniture in that space will have very little affect on them – same with having no furniture at all in the house!

As for older homes which may have a unique layout, I am still skeptical. I think new furniture in an older home may have the opposite effect. If you see new furniture in an older house it may emphasize the age of the property. However, there are some instances when people’s imagination needs help. If you have a space that isn’t very self explanatory you should try to keep the furniture you currently have in that space. This may be an instance where seeking the help of a staging company is necessary.

Want More Information About Staging Your House?

Edmonton’s most well known staging company is De.Zin. I have sold homes that have been staged with their help and I know they do good work. However they are far from the only option or the cheapest. If you want to know more about staging your home, contact me or give me a call! 780-902-1856.